• Education Level: Bachelor’s degree from recognized university
  • Experience Required: 4-5 years of professional experience


If you love programming (in any languages) and gaming (in any genres), this position is perfect for you. As a game developer at Teslatech, you will combine your technical expertise with your passion for gaming to create captivating experiences you will want to play endlessly.


  • Bring Games to Life: You’ll be a key player in shaping our games, collaborating on everything from core game mechanics (the fun stuff!) to the user interface and experience (making it intuitive and beautiful).
  • Transform Ideas into Reality: Have a great idea for a game mechanic? You’ll be the one to turn that vision into a playable reality, writing clean, efficient code that brings it to life.
  • Craft Code for Millions: Your code will power the experiences of millions of players, so you’ll need to ensure it’s robust, reliable, and free of bugs.
  • Dive into Existing Projects: You’ll quickly get up to speed on our current projects, offering valuable insights and contributing code that fits seamlessly into the existing framework.
  • Go Solo, When Needed: Feeling inspired? You’ll have the freedom to independently create entire games from scratch, showcasing your full range of skills.
  • Be a Team Player: While you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shine on your own, you’ll also be a part of a collaborative team, sharing ideas and supporting your colleagues.


  • Lives and breathes games: You’re the kind of person who can geek out over your favorite games for hours, analyzing their mechanics and design.
  • Loves to code: You have a proven passion for programming and a knack for writing clean, efficient code.
  • Understands software design: You have experience applying design patterns and object-oriented programming principles to create well-structured, maintainable software.
  • Thinks algorithmically: You have a strong grasp of algorithms and data structures, and you know how to use them to solve complex problems.
  • Embraces mathematical challenges: You enjoy tackling mathematical problems and applying mathematical concepts to game development.
  • Is a natural problem solver: You approach challenges with a curious and analytical mind, always seeking the most elegant and effective solutions.
  • Knows their way around Git: You’re familiar with version control and collaboration using Git.


  • Experience with any game engines.
  • Active GitHub or StackOverflow profile showcasing work and personal projects done over the years.


Practical Test -> Interview -> Selection

Ready to level up your game development career? Join our team of passionate and talented developers and create extraordinary experiences together. Apply now!

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