Callbreak Lite

Callbreak lite brings classic and popular mega hit card game- Callbreak with online multiplayer feature to the Google Play Store. This is the same game that reached 100 million downloads, which has been re-released in a lighter version due to popular demand.

Low storage phone? No problem! Download this Lite version of Callbreak for faster download and less data usage. Play the free Callbreak card game loved by millions of people worldwide in a lite version.

Callbreak lite brings classic card game with online multiplayer features to the Google Play Store. Callbreak lite is an easy to play card game, saves storage, loads the game much faster, and provides a better gameplay experience with its online multiplayer features. If you enjoy card games or tash game like Hearts, Rummy, Jungle Rummy, Spades, Solitaire, Call bridge and Teen Patti, then you will love a game of Callbreak lite. Compete against our well-trained AI bots with Call break offline or go multiplayer with strangers around the world in the classic card game of Callbreak lite.

Call break lite has been optimized to run smoothly on various Android devices, especially on low storage device, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without lag. Callbreak taash game also offers a user-friendly interface and engaging gameplay style, making it easy to play. You can dive into the addictive world of this trick-taking card game and compete against players from around the globe, all for free with Callbreak lite. Callbreak is a must-have free card game for players seeking for a thrilling and competitive experience.

Callbreak or Lakadi

Callbreak is a classic trick-taking card game popular in South Asian regions like India, Nepal, and Pakistan while Spades is more commonly played in Western countries, especially in the United States. The gameplay is quite similar with Spades unlike other card games like Rummy.


In Callbreak, Spades are the trump cards.
In each trick, a player must follow the same suit; if unable, a player must play a trump card if eligible to win; if unable, a player can play any card of their choice. Players must always try to win the trick, in other words players must play the higher cards possible.

Callbreak Features:

  • Simple and easy to learn
  • Callbreak lite takes up almost no space, best for low-storage devices.
  • Callbreak lite doesn’t run in the background, which saves battery.
  • Play with strangers through Random Player Mode
  • Play against well-trained AI bots
  • Customizable wallpaper and card design for free
  • Game mode: Single-player and Random Player
  • No internet connection is required! Play offline

Although it is a simple card game, Callbreak is often misspelled as cell break, caal break, calbreak, col break, cllberek, callvirk, kal berek, call brack kolbrek etc.

Call break or Lakadi, a ताश वाला गेम exists under different names in different countries:

कॉल ब्रेक ताश गेम (Nepali)
Lakadi or Lakdi लकड़ी ( India)
Call Bridge
Call Break Taas
Spade (US, Britain)

Let the card games begin! Download Callbreak lite, a ताश वाला गेम. Join millions of players worldwide and experience the joy of playing this classic card game online and offline for free, right at your fingertips. If playing cards or tash game like Rummy, Jungle Rummy, Spades, Teen Patti, Solitaire, and Call bridge is what you enjoy, then you’ll love a game of Call break. Play Lakadi / Callbreak offline or go multiplayer with strangers, it’s a game anyone, anywhere can play!

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